Service Plans


Take control of your servicing and maintenance with Mercedes-Benz Service Plans.

A Silver Service Plan covers all service sheet operations depending on time or distance travelled, a silver plan provides you with cost certainty and the peace of mind that your standard scheduled servicing costs are fixed for the term of your plan.

If you would like extended coverage with your Mercedes-Benz, a Platinum Service Plan covers you for everything under a Silver Plan, as well as front brake discs, brake pads and wiper inserts (where applicable), making your ownership experience as stress-free as your driving experience.

While you are on the road, extended Road Care is now included in all our 4th and 5th year Silver and Platinum packages, giving you further coverage when you need it most.

To find out which plan suits your needs, please navigate to the above tabs, “Why choose a Service Plan?” and the “Selection Process.”

Why choose a Service Plan

  • Cost certainty - One set price for the life of your Service Plan
  • Safety - Guaranteed use of Mercedes-Benz factory trained technicians and Genuine Parts
  • Flexibility - Service Plans are valid at any participating authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership
  • Increased resale value - A full service history from an authorised service centre
  • Transferable - Any unused services can be transferred to your vehicle’s next owner
  • Extra coverage - Feel confident knowing you have the highest level of cover available
  • Transparency - Budget your cost of ownership by knowing the costs upfront
  • Convenience - Save time at your standard scheduled services
  • Original quality - Maintain your Mercedes-Benz with Genuine Service & Parts
  • Transferable - Any unused services can be transferred to your vehicle’s next owner

Selection Process

Follow the below four steps to choose a Service Plan that meets your needs.

Step 1: Choose your Service Plan

Silver Service Plan

Platinum Service Plan

All work stipulated in the relevant Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Booklet (DSB)

Additional operations carried out at predetermined intervals

Additional operations carried out at predetermined intervals

Replace brake fluid

Replace air filter

Replace fuel filter

Replace spark plugs

Replace coolant

Automatic transmission: oil and filter change

Replace dust / cabin filter

Rotate and balance of wheels

Replace brake pads & discs


Replace wiper inserts (rear replacement where applicable)


Wheel alignment



Step 2: Choose your ideal contract term

Choose Years


AMG & V12

V12 AMG *

2 years




3 years




4 years




5 years




*This includes G-Wagon (non-AMG)

Step 3: Choose your payment option

  • monthly financed contributions or
  • one upfront payment

Step 4: Contact your local dealership